Monday, July 13, 2015

Feeling British

I have a confession to make.

I want to be British......and French...maybe Scottish...basically I want to live in another country.

If we're being totally honest, it's mostly for the amazing food and history and architecture. But let's be real: it's that I want a pretty accent. I'm not ashamed.  I would love to regularly use words like lovely and whilst, call chips "crisps" and measure things in metric.  I want to have afternoon tea and live in a little cottage in the country.  Doesn't that sound wonderful??

Sadly, I will not be moving across the pond anytime soon, so in the meantime, I made these absolutely divine scones:

The recipe comes from one of my lovely Instagram friends, Jane, who is a fellow blogger/baker (and British!), and always shares delicious looking recipes.  This is what I love most about Instagram; the ability to meet and interact with people around the world.  I've found so many people that share similar interests and have become "insta" friends with them.

 You can follow Jane's Patisserie on Insta or on her blog, and while you're there, consider baking these scones!

I topped my scones with double Devon cream (or clotted cream),  which I found at World Market, and homemade strawberry jam.  I also made myself a cup of tea to feel properly British.

The bonus to baking delicious treats is that once the pretty photos are taken, you get to dig in and enjoy your creation!


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