Sunday, May 17, 2015

Luna's Birthday!!

I am so incredibly behind on my blogging.  I had great intentions of writing and posting at least twice a week, and then laziness happened.  Oh, and finishing up the last free season of The Good Wife on Amazon Prime.  So yeah....priorities.

Four years ago, we adopted this scraggly, rambunctious kitten.

At the time, I wasn't really a cat person.  I had been around cats as a child, but preferred dogs and their unconditional love.  My husband, however, was all about cats. We had been married a year and had already adopted a dog, so for his birthday, I agreed to get a kitten.  I looked around online and found a cat rescue group out of Birmingham.  And then I saw her adorable little face:

 I had never seen a tortoiseshell cat before, so her unique coloring had me sold.  Little did I know that we were about to embark on a crazy adventure.

We named her Luna, but have rarely called her that.  She has many nicknames: Boots, Cat, Meowington, Frau Boots, Miss B.  She mostly responds to this sound we make that mimics a sound she makes.

Her intense curiosity was discovered on day one.  My husband picked her up by himself, and on the ride home, she quickly climbed out of her box and crawled all around the car, including trying to go into the floor air vent.

Once home, we had to get her a collar with a jingle bell so we could find her, because she went EVERYWHERE.  Eventually this curiosity got her into trouble, and she attempted a jump that she didn't make.  This resulted in a hurt leg:

You can see her leg sticking out while she sat

As she entered her teenage years, she basically lost her mind.  She would run the length of our house ten times, collapse, then start again.  She would climb the curtains, climb the furniture, jump as high as she could, bite, scratch; if it was destructive, she did it.

In the midst of all this she also scratched her eye (which resulted in a goopy medication that had to be squeezed onto her eyeball every day for a week) and she somehow got a cold, which was the equivalent of the flu.  I'm pretty sure she almost died.  She was congested, sneezing, weak, and I ended up having to hand feed her and use a medicine dropper to give her water.  I'm not sure if the hand feeding was the result of weakness or cat manipulation.  I'm thinking she milked her sickness, just a bit :)

And one day, all of this was behind us.  She grew up. We added a second dog to our lives, who has turned out to be her constant battle friend.  She knows that the dogs are not allowed in our carpeted hallway, so whenever she wants the advantage in a play fight, she merely runs to the carpet and sits. Pure genius, with a touch of evil.

Now the adorable, sometimes psycho baby kitty we brought home has become a beautiful four year old cat. She likes being held (sometimes), she sleeps curled up next to me every night, and her favorite thing is canned tuna.

We celebrated her birthday recently and had a mini party for her.  Okay, okay, it was an excuse to make brownies for myself.

She got a dish of tuna with a birthday candle!

Homemade brownies for the humans

 I was looking through pictures of her as a kitten, almost tearing up a bit at how she wasn't a baby anymore.  If you aren't an animal lover, I'm sure this seems insane.  But our pets are our family.  Even when our kids get here, our pets will still matter.  So here's a little montage of photos celebrating our kitty boo:

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