Friday, April 24, 2015

Life as we know it.

Here's a little peek into our lives lately:

Our adoption process is moving at the slowest pace possible.  I think turtles everywhere are doing laps around the progress we've made.

And sloths too. Sloths are weirdly slow moving animals.

We are still waiting on approval from both the local and state DHR office to even be considered as an adoptive resource or review files of waiting children.  We've been hanging out in this gray area for two months past what we should have, so it's definitely been frustrating at times.  Patience is painstakingly becoming my virtue.

On the home front, we've been updating our kitchen!  We had originally set out to update our guest bathroom first, but a trip to Home Depot quickly changed that.  They were having a sale on countertops, so the kitchen got shoved to the front of the line.  Once we're finished, I'll post before and after pictures.  We've taken on this project full DIY, by painting our cabinets and walls, installing a tile backsplash, removing half of our upper cabinets and installing open shelving.  It's taken a lot longer than it should have, but we've been splitting up our purchases between paychecks and doing the work primarily on the weekends.  Here's a before picture of one side:

I'm also hoping in the next week or so we can get our garden up and running.  We didn't do a very good job of prepping it throughout the winter, so it's become a mini jungle:

We have plans to plant tomatoes, peppers, squash and assorted herbs; possibly more, but we're still new to gardening.  We over committed last year and had more veggies than we could eat and give away.

A couple of weeks ago, we were gifted this sci-fi looking compost bin from Graham's dad; it reminds me of the moon......and the Death Star:

Luuuuuke........I am your.....

Too much?

We do have one exciting bit of news:

Graham got a new job!

(Insert excited celebratory dance that no one will ever see. EVER.)

He will be working from home for a software company in Atlanta.  We are SUPER excited about this opportunity. It will be a huge blessing to our family and make the adoption process even easier. Amidst all our other projects we're also getting his home office set up.  I'm hoping with him being home some afternoons I'll be more motivated to work on blogging instead of binge watching The Good Wife.

I feel like the main reason that blogging is sometimes hard for me is difficulty in coming up with something to regularly write about.  I feel like each post should be thought provoking or insightful or something other than everyday life.  And then there's moments like now, when I'm sitting on my deck, watching the sun sink behind the clouds and listening to the birds singing their goodnight songs, that I want to delete everything I've written.  But this time I'll be good and post my original thoughts.  Enjoy :)

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