Monday, October 13, 2014

T-shirt Fundraiser!

We are selling t-shirts!

Graham and I designed these shirts to help raise money for our adoption.  Because of all the variables (wide age range, 1 or 2 children, boy or girl), we have no way to prepare.  We are also unsure of the amount of time we will have to prepare once we are matched with a child or children, and so we need to set aside funds to basically purchase a child's life (clothing, furniture, toys, etc).  Unlike with a pregnancy, you know you pretty much always have 9 months to get ready.  You may not know the sex of your baby, but you do know that when you give birth, it will be a newborn.  We know nothing right now.

The way this fundraiser works is that we have a goal set to sell at least 100 shirts in 21 days.  You won't be charged until the time we set ends, and if you live near us, you can select the option to pick up the shirts from us.

Order your shirt here.

If you feel led to support our adoption, please purchase a shirt!  We greatly appreciate your support!

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