Thursday, October 23, 2014

Packing Essentials

This weekend, at Stone Mountain, GA, the greatest, most wonderful event takes place.

The Country Living Fair!!!

Can I get an amen?? Aaaaa-mennnn.

The Country Living Fair is an antique loving, shabby chic fanatic, vintage obsessed person's heaven. Their Mecca. Their Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.  (Monty Python, anyone?)

Instagram collage from last year

It is better to me than Christmas and birthdays combined.  Can you tell that I LOVE it?

It's basically Country Living Magazine come to life.  The vendors bring tons of antiques, food, crafts and artsy clothing to sell.  They have demonstrations (where Graham went on stage last year and learned how to correctly make biscuits by the talented Carrie Morey, owner of Callie's Charleston Biscuits

The other thing that I love about it?  Tex's Tacos.....

Those fries?  They're lime fries.  It may sound strange, but they are quite fantastic.  No ketchup needed, and I am all about dipping sauces.  It's been a year since I've had their food and I can still remember exactly how it tastes, which is freakin' AWESOME.

So now that I've explained what the Country Living Fair is, I'll get to the real point of my post - packing essentials for the fair.

What's going in my bag?

1) Plaid.  Plaid. And more plaid.

It's just so fall-ish!  

I will most certainly need more layers than this, as it is FREEZING on the fair grounds at 7 am.
And pants.  Obviously, I'll be taking pants ;)

2) A cute floral scarf from H&M

3) My fave pair of riding boots!  A good southern girl should have a great pair of boots

4) The adorable "Save the Biscuits" bag I got from Callie's Biscuits.  A tote bag is essential for carrying around those vintage mason jars or antique tea towels that you just cannot pass up

5) And of course, my early bird tickets!  

(Not shown- my birthday money, which I have been hiding away just for this :))

I'll be blogging over the weekend about what treasures I find.  

Friday begins! 

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