Friday, September 19, 2014

What's this process like...

The question of the week has been, "What's this process like?"

I'm so glad we have so many people interested in our adoption and everything that comes along with it. For those of you that would like to know where we go from here, sit back, eat a cookie or two or five, and read on.

This past Monday was our fourth class out of ten.  We have a GPS (Group Preparation and Selection)  class once a week, where we learn parenting skills, why children are in foster care, and how we can form attachments with our children.

During this ten week process, we will also have at least one home visit and some interviews, just to make sure we aren't crazy people.  Once the ten weeks are up (this ends October 27th), we will be approved to adopt and can then begin to really move forward.  If we haven't selected a child to request information on by then, they will give us profiles to review based on the type of children we are looking for.  We will then submit our profile to the child/children's social worker, who will be the one to decide if we are a good match for that child.  If so, we get to meet the child/children, and if everything goes well, begin the process to adopt them. Confused yet? Eat another cookie; that always helps :)

Some have asked if we are adopting a baby, and more than likely we will not.  We have put our age range as birth through ten, but most of the children available are near the older end.  We also are willing to accept siblings.  If we find a single child that is meant for us, then we will most likely adopt a second at a later date.

We also decided that we only want to pursue legally free children.  This means that their biological parents' rights have been terminated.  To have come to that point, the parents (if the child was removed from their care)  have had a little over a year to basically get their crap together, and if they fail to do this, then they lose the rights to their child.

I came across this quote the other day on Pinterest, and teared up a little.  All those months that I was trying to talk myself out of pursuing adoption, my child was watching his/her family fall apart.

 If adoption or foster care is tugging at your heart, talk to a friend, do some research, and go for it.  Lives will be changed and hearts will be healed.

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